Childrens Parties

Emma Bee Face Painting aims to provide a fun, colourful experience to any child’s party. I have been lucky to work with many families over the past few years and bring them that extra touch of sparkle. Parties can range from a handful of children to a class size, all options are open to discussion. I will tailor designs ideas to work with the numbers you have. For example if there are only a few children we can provide larger more intricate designs, and for a bigger party we can offer smaller designs and motifs on the cheek or above the eyebrow.  Once party numbers are provided I try to work out time per face, and time of hire to come up with the best offering for your special day. We always keep in mind some children may not want to take part, and some may take longer depending on age and experience of actually taking part in this activity.

My go to paints are of the Snazaroo brand, I have found these best to work with for children and adults. I find them being water-based the best medium to use on faces, bringing fantastic bright colours and easy to wash off, especially in a bubble bath. I also use the brands loose glitter to add some sparkle. If I use an alternative brand I aim to inform the client so parents have the best information to what is being applied to faces.